About Us

Many years of asking Why? and How?

Through out my journey in caring for people and helping people to achieve better function, ease pain and improve quality of life; I have continued to study and seek knowledge to better assist my patients to achieve a better state of wellbeing.

I started with aesthetics, then moved to form and function, and then added health. What does that mean in plain language…… My specific journey is a story of a person who loves to deal with people and the ability to help you feel better than before.

I have for many years been in the business of helping people feel better by helping them to look better. Having come from a ballet background, gradually my interest in movement, biology and the amazing musculoskeletal system, took over and I started my love of easing musculoskeletal issues and ailments through the art and skill of massage. General Massage turned into treatment based therapies such as Remedial therapy, Bowen therapy, Craniosacral therapy and Myotherapy.

Working as a Myotherapist, there was still so much I felt I needed to know and searched for what I needed to fulfil the puzzle to help me deliver what my patients needed, to help them feel better and to empower them to advance in their health journey.

My Chiropractic Studies have added another dimension to the way I assess and treat my patients. My studies in chiropractic practises have developed a sense of confidence and wholeness in my approach to treatment. My unique blend of therapies plus chiropractic techniques enable me to personalise a treatment to the patient before me. Blending my techniques and advice, in a flexible manner, giving the ability to enhance change and achieve desired outcomes for my patients and improve quality of life.

My passion is to help people achieve their greatest potential through a partnership between the therapy they need, the commitment they have to their own health and the the treatment I can give to assist them in their health journey.