Massage and Myotherapy Treatments


There is a fair bit of confusion in the general public about what Myotherapy is……. We get asked many times what is a Myotherapist???

Myotherapy means basically – Therapy for muscles.

A myotherapist a remedial massage therapist with more education and skills in their toolbox of techniques. Saying that though there are many remedial massage therapists out there who keep adding to their education and become very skilled in many techniques.

We provide a variety of soft tissue techniques from gentle fascial techniques to deep tissue frictions which encourage the bodies natural healing process. Techniques in our tool box include using physical therapeutics, such as Low level laser therapy, TENS, Dry needling, Guasha technique and Myofascial Slide Cupping.

Our aim is to assess what techniques are best for your particular issue and create a treatment plan to address them and achieve great results for you

Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage

Everyone benefits from a little bit of time out and a gentle approach to their healthcare. A beautiful style for general wellbeing and great for Prenatal care as well; providing a nurturing and calming experience for the expectant mum and promoting a calm demeanor in preparation for birthing.

Deep Tissue Massage

Chronic musculoskeletal issues often require focused kneading and various deep tissue techniques in order to help the muscles and fascia release tension. Chronic postural issues are best addressed with this type of technique mixed with some relaxation to ease the tension.

Sports Massage

From pre-event treatment to warm up muscles and increase blood supply to help you with your event to post event treatment to help disperse the muscle tension and symptoms that hard work brings about. These techniques go from gentle to fast to deep. Depending on what is needed to help you perform at your best.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a gentle alternative fascial technique. Primarily it is applied in specific sequences, which taps into the neuromuscular communication and assists the body to alleviate tension and imbalances in the body.