On my personal journey through life and chiropractic treatment, I have been exposed to many styles and techniques. This experience has fueled my love of discovering, learning and researching the many wonderful ways that we as chiropractors can deliver safe, effective and evidence based treatment to our clients.

Our preference for treatment is to use the gentler techniques of chiropractic care such as the principles adopted in Sacro-occipital technique (SOT),  Bio-Geometric Stabilization (BGI) and  Applied Kinesiology, focusing on the use of an activator to provide a gentle targeted impulse force to assist the restricted joint to regain ease of motion.

We use muscle testing in our examination to assist with the analysis of imbalances in movement and function as well as fascial palpation to give us detailed information about where the trouble areas are in your body. The area of pain is not always the source of the dysfunction. So using our variety of tools and techniques, help to create a plan of treatment to quickly bring about change for the better.

We also back up our treatment with detailed rehabilitation exercises and corrective postural exercises from the protocols of Functional Neuro-orthopaedic Rehabilitation courses (FNOR) and Dynamic Neuro-Stabilization courses (DNS).

Our philosophy is that for best results, we not only need to deliver high quality treatment, assessment and advice; but also need to inspire you to take an active part in your health and wellbeing journey.